Company : Microsoft

Location : Hyderabad

Job Role : Software Engineer

Experience : 3+ yrs

Qualification : Bachelors Degree

Last Date : ASAP

About Company :

Microsoft IT is for those IT professionals and business technology professionals who want to be strategic partners to the business and be the first place to create innovative solutions using all of Microsoft’s products and services

Job Description :

1. Build our e2e live data pipeline. This involves collecting data – in a GDPR-compliant manner – from our first party apps and building annotation around it so that we can both use it for training our machine translation models and glean how our service is being used. This informs us to do a better job for the scenarios in which folks are using our services.

2. Build a systematic pipeline to injest, maintain and refresh our various one-off data sources. Data is the heart of any ML model. We get various one-off data sources released eg, .

3. You will be responsible for figuring out new data sources, what can be used in production and designing and maintaining a system to manage the same. This has implication by having a good view of what data experiments are being done and how to manage that at scale.

3. Migrate our data infrastructure – which currently runs as a mix of both cloud and on-prem to be a cloud-native solution. In this role, you will own participating and defining our journey and the final architecture. You will help define the final architecture and the roadmap for our re-design.

Candidate Profile:

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Computer Science/Software Engineering, or related field.

Experience: 3+ years software development experience.

Required Skills:

1. Strong proficiency in C++, C# or Java writing production code along with SQL-like language

2. Experience with working in large scale data

3. Background in NLP is a plus

4. Write clean, well-tested code, designed to work at scale

5. Ability to manage competing priorities and schedules

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